Technical solutions

The photo shows the construction of the stands at the renewed football field in Kokkola.
The grandstand is equipped with UEFA-approved backrest shell seats to meet the requirements of the Finnish Veikkaus league, and it has an area specifically reserved for the physically disabled.

1. Stands units

Stands modules are constructed from thin, yet strong marine-grade aluminium. The teardrop surface of the aluminium sheet prevents slipperiness, even in the wettest conditions.

The width of a single stand module is 3 metres (6 seats):– The length of the module is determined by the needs of the client, i.e., by the size of the stands
– The width of the stepladder unit is 1.5 metres.
– A separate platform with an easy access and exit is reserved for physically disabled spectators.
– The structure of the railings complies with safety regulations.

Thanks to its structure and material, the stand is:
– Lightweight, yet extremely firm.
– Easily maintained (thanks to the drainage holes, the stands can be washed with a pressure washer).
– Able to endure the severe weather fluctuations observed during winter and summer.
– Weatherproof and wearproof thanks to the protective layer that forms during the process of natural oxidation. The older the stands get, the better they will endure the weather conditions!

2. Skeletal and roofing structures

TThe skeletal and roofing structures are produced from hot galvanized, weather- and wear-proof steel. The dimensions of the stand are adjusted to fit the size of the spectator area.

The stands may be covered or open, depending on the needs of the customer.
The roofing is designed to endure challenging weather conditions. It is durable yet lightweight.

3. Seats

The customer can choose the seating solution according to the requirements of the sports and the level of the league. Different seating solutions may be used in different parts of the stands. Thus, the stands can be modified to meet the specific needs of the customer.

4. Foundation

Sturdy, 16-tons concrete slabs, which are delivered ready on site, serve as the foundation for these stands.

For example, nine concrete slabs serve as the base of the 816-seat stands of the Kokkola football ground.

5. Erection of the stands

Thanks to a cutting-edge modular structure, created at Nopan Metalli, it is quick and easy to erect the stands. For example, the erection of the new football field stands in Kokkola took just 2-3 weeks.

6. Product protection

A patent is pending for the new and innovative structure of the stands.

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