Nopan Metalli Oy (Ltd.) and Nopan Auto Oy (Ltd.)

The company was founded in 1937 when blacksmith Hjalmar Huotari set up his smithy in Kuhmo. At that time, only 20 years had passed since Finland had declared itself an independent nation.

In the early years, the smithy flourished keeping all the scythes, sleighs and various utensils of the local folk in good shape.

In the early 1950s, the business started to develop into new directions when it began manufacturing bunks for timber trucks and other metal products.

The company’s activities soon started expanding further, and in the 1960s it opened a store in the centre of Kuhmo. This led the company to engage in the car trade, thus introducing an entirely new field of activity to the business. Nopan Auto has operated as a Toyota dealer in Kuhmo since 1969, and all over the Kainuu region since 1988.

The evolving business environment and growing cars sales encouraged the company to move its premises to the Sormula industrial zone in 1972, even though there were many who doubted that a car dealer could prosper outside the town centre.

In 1986, Mauri Huotari became the managing director as the third-generation successor to run the business, and since then the engineering operations of Nopan Metalli have been under constant and active development.

Nopan Metalli has produced various kinds of fabricated metal products to for Andritz Oy, Valmet Power Oy, The Finnish Border Guard, Sandvik Mining and Construction. 

Through our compliance with the quality standards EN 1090-1 and CE quality standards, our forge has delivered special alloy steel products even for large-scale objects and, as a Valmet subcontractor, even delivers throughout the world. 


Some of our delivered products:
Heat exchangers, boiler hanger rods, fuel feeder spouts, sheet casings,
Construction of an over 220-ton conveyor for small-dimensioned wood for the Kuhmo Oy sawmill
Steel main columns for buildings, roof trusses and frameworks, storage halls, etc.
Smoke and air ducts and ash funnels
Construction of a district heating transmission pipeline
Tie-in boxes
Venturi meters
Log bunks for railroad cars
Hydraulic installations
Casting moulds
Mounting, maintenance and repair work

Andritz Oy
Valmet Power Oy
MW Power Oy
The Finnish Border Guard
Kuhmo Oy sawmill
Maxi-Tour Canada
Kuhmon Lämpö Oy
Högforssteka Oy
Foster Wheeler Energia Oy
Mondo Minerals
VR (Finnish Railways)
Talvivaara Oy
Reneva Oy
Sahala Works Oy
Sandvik Mining and Construction
Suokone Oy
SVS Superviseservice Oy
The town of Kuhmo
Various building companies

Finnish Coast Guard and Border Guard
Various telecommunication companies
Kainuu Brigade
Various logging and earth moving contractors

Products: Fabricated metal products, manufacturing of metal structures and their components
Turnover: 2.3 million euros
Staff: 16
Master mechanic: Esa Ehoniemi
Managing director: Mauri Huotari

Nopan Metalli Oy (Ltd)
Leipurintie 15, 88900 KUHMO, FINLAND

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