News coverage in various media:

The Keskipohjanmaa Newspaper

On 8th May 2019, Keskipohjanmaa newspaper reported on a visit by football fans to the new stands delivered by Nopan Metalli.

Kuhmolainen local newspaperi 16th May 2019

The new spectator stands at the Kokkola football field, commissioned from Nopan Metalli, have now been completed.)
Published: 16th May 2019
Local newspaper Kuhmolainen reported on the new stands in Kokkola on 16th May 2019.

YLE Kokkola 1st March 2019

On 1st March 2019, radio station Yle Kokkola covered the refurbishment and construction project of the Kokkola football field before the football season for its Central Ostrobothnia listeners.

The City of Kokkola 6th November 2018

On 5th November, the Kokkola City Board discussed improving the central field conditions to make them suitable for league football games. The Board decided to propose that the Council make appropriations in the 2019 and 2020 budgets for the purchase of a grandstand and field lighting equipment.

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